Turbobit Premium Account: The Fastest and The Best Premium Storage

Using Turbobit without an account

Together with the document server Turbobit you may select from the free version or your Turbobit Account. Based upon your own requirements and dreams and both options might be extremely attractive. Upload or download considerable quantities of data in a fantastic price. If you want to learn more, click here: Official Turbobit website

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What is Turbobit.net?

Together with all the Turbobit, you may use the greatest possible download speed, view no adverts, and aren’t susceptible to driven fractures. This helps make it a whole lot simpler to utilize Turbobit, particularly if you regularly utilize the provider’s offerings. You will find five distinct approaches to get Turbobit Premium, therefore there is the ideal package for everybody.

Of course Turbobit is also feasible to make use of the deal absolutely free from charge. Nevertheless, the rate is significantly diminished, advertisements appears also it can’t be downloaded regularly. Additionally, the usage of a download speed manager without Turbobit Premium isn’t proposed.


Bonuses applies to both free and premium. On the other hand, like an individual, it is possible to advertise your self to Turbobit and get attractive commissions for it particular. On the flip side, there’s the option to earn money by uploading files that are different. You may get right up to 40$ such as for just 1, 000 downloads. This manner, everybody is able to make a little pocket money and sometimes maybe the whole per cent commission at Turbobit.

Turbobit Payment Options

Payment Options

There are several techniques to cover a Turbobit or Turbobit Premium Accounts. This consists of the normal funds like Visa, Mastercard, SEPA and PayPal, but also utterly anonymous techniques like payment with bit-coins. Whether or not you would like to pay for Turbobit Premium via Paysafecard, WebMonkey or even Giropay, the Filehoster provides you with lots of chances. You will never be in the hassle when paying or subscribing for a Turbobit Premium. One other essential advice is you are going to obtain a 25% reduction in case you opt to trigger the automatic renewal of one’s Turbobit Account. This manner, these charges for each debit have been not reduced.

Price for Turbobit Premium Accounts


Condition1 week1 month6 months1 year2 years
Price5,95 $9,95 $34,95 $59,95 $89,95 $
Price / day0,85 $0,33 $0,19 $0,16 $0,12 $


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Privacy and data protection

Turbobit claims in its own regulations which the protection of their data along with the privacy of these users is obviously ensured. After you stop by the site, the primary data is automatically stored. This consists of, as an instance, demographic details and the form of us. After having a registration follows the info to be input, such as for instance e mail name and address.

All such information, with the exception of personal data, will be served anonymously and with complete secrecy in Turbobit. Personal data is concealed to guarantee safe traffic. In order to facilitate the use of the site, cookies are stored, that really help an individual and make sure that the site can be adapted to an individual.

Customer Support

In Turbobit customer support, for English-speaking users, there is a FAQ area available that could answer lots of questions directly. If that isn’t enough for you, you can find lots of ways to contact us. You can contact customer service by using the contact form, e-mail or ICQ. It’s also possible to use Skype to consult your questions regarding customer care representatives. Usually you’ll find a quick answer during office hours. The Turbobit team are at your disposal from Monday to Saturday by 1 2 a.m. to 6 pm. Regardless of your account status, whethere turbobit free or premium, you will receive prompt customer support.


The Turbobit website is simple and relatively easy to comprehend. All information can be located immediately and the document upload function will be immediately observable. That you do need a free account to make use of it you are able to just upload some thing without inputting any data.

Under the first tab you need to see all you will need to understand about utilizing the Turbobit or Turbobit Premium Account and also on the next sub-page the attractive earning chances are all presented.

Turbobit FAQs


What Is Turbobit?

Turbobit is really a completely free cloud-storage service at which you are able to upload your own files, save themshare files together with friends and family by providing them with links into your own files, and down load your friends’ files with connections they provide. This plaform offers Turbobit Premium for users who enjoyed free account and wanted to upgrade and maximize the use of the platform.


  • Quick file exchange without enrolling at Turbobit;
  • We encourage https for safe information market;
  • Type of files together with one click in the personal computer or cellular phone and from the other internet site;
  • Turbobit Uploader, a user desktop computer application for downloading files into your accounts, Turbobit premium will maximize this application due to increased download speed;
  • Automatic selection of the least heavily loaded FTP server to place files into your accounts instantly;
  • Download speed rate out of Turbobit servers may reach ~ inch Gbit/sec;
  • Click up of files to 100 GB in size, or even as much as 200 Mb for unregistered users;
  • Storage period for files: thirty days as soon as of past down load, 60-days for Turbobit Premium users and 7days to get unregistered users;
  • No limitation on the entire size and selection of one’s files in Turbobit;
  • Document download speed happens from the document which is located nearest for you personally, which increases data transmission rate;
  • Support downloading and resumed downloading of files utilizing most of popular download managers;
  • Particular Turbobit Premium access with elevated rates, without any time delays, and without advertisements;
  • Your files are almost always available via cellular telephone or computer on the online
  • Rapid support by way of multiple stations of communication (Skype, ICQ, ticket network and email) for speedy way of almost any questions for free and turbobit premium users.


The service is multilingual. Turbobit is utilized in lots of states of the entire world along with also our site affirms several vital languages. The terminology of the website is selected automatically depending in your own browser preferences. As well as, you could always switch the site language .

Portable Edition

Yes, there is a portable version of the Turbobit or Turbobit Premium offered at their website. When a user adheres to the website onto a cell device, the website is going to be re directed into the mobile variation mechanically.

What safety caution can I use with my account?

We provide several essential elements to guarantee the security of your account at Turbobit:

  • Safety code – Turbobit shall request that you confirm your security code when you choose to delete a document. Take care not to reduce your security codesince it can’t be restored. The brand new security code is going to be triggered in 1-5 days, during which time all file removal operations will likely be suspended.
  • Password hacking prevention strategy – Turbobit turns off the limit of unsuccessful log in attempts. After 10 unsuccessful efforts, you’ll have to ensure authorization via email. The security system cubes attempts to sign in using that username for 12 hours. Until the cube is removed, all tries of consent will be unsuccessful.
  • Captcha – Turbobit requires this security questions in addition to your own user name and password, your security system on your sign-in page may ask you to identity arbitrary characters out of an image (captcha).

How to Upload?

It’s very straightforward to uploading in Turbobit or Turbobit Premium:

  1. Utilize the ‘Select File’ button or the ‘Drag & Drop’ features to choose any file on your computer for upload.
  2. Click the ‘Start Upload’ button.
  3. Copy the document down load connection you receive and disperse it.

What’s the maximum quality which might be uploaded?

For many users in Turbobit or Turbobit Premium, the file size is limited by 200 MB. However, the best file size will be 100 GB (no further than 4 GB to get in-browser uploads).

How to delete files?

  1. If you’re enrolled at Turbobit or Turbobit Premium and also you upload files into your accounts, then your entire files are in the’My Documents’ section.
  2. To delete a document in Turbobit or Turbobit Premium Accounts, mark it using the check box on the left, and then scroll down and then click the icon with a red cross (a pat icon).
  3. In case you’ve uploaded a document for being a guest in Turbobit, then you’re going to get file direction links the moment the document was uploaded into the host. One of these links there’s just a exceptional connection for deleting the document. In addition, if your document isn’t downloaded within 7 days afterward it’ll be removed mechanically.

Could I record files and password-protect them?

It’s possible to upload the archives made out of some favorite apps (as an example WinRaR, WinZiP, etc) to Turbobit. And additionally, as additional security for the own files, you also can protect those archives. Nonetheless, it’s STRICTLY FORBIDDEN at Turbobit to record your files together with the particular services or software that require any payment for files that are archived, by SMS or alternative ways!

My document was deleted! Why?

You’re able to detect the main reason any one of your files was deleted out of data located from the ‘Recover files’ folder onto this particular page of Turbobit or Turbobit Premium. If your document was deleted with an’misuse’ tag, which usually means that we’ve gotten a complaint from the copyright holder and also even the content of document simplifies the principles of the services. In case your document was deleted with all the’black list’ tag, this usually means your document is at the set of prohibited (Recover ) files. All files will probably be retained only when they conform to all Turbobit rules. It follows that the moment any document comprising data breaking copyright or any legislation whatsoever is discovered, it’ll soon be eliminated from the ceremony instantly. What exactly does’A number of your files are removed for breach of rules’ signal?

Files have been deleted for infringement of rules

Above all, your document is at the banned list (black list) at Turbobit. We’ve to delete all of copies of files dividing copyright when the right holders require it. To get this done, we calculate and capture a MD5 hash of every file to stop re-inserting files and then delete all of the present copies from the website. When two records have the same check sum in Turbobit or Turbobit Premium, this usually means they have been indistinguishable in articles if for whatever reason that they will have various titles.

Turbobit Files Not accepted list

Exactly what files are prohibited to be uploaded?

We prohibit uploading of these primary kinds of articles in Turbobit:

  1. porn or child pornography, sexually explicit postings or articles;
  2. promotions coping with escort services, transport services, prohibited goods, illegal medication and/or activities related to some terrorist activities are prohibited in Turbobit;
  3. substances that exemplify virtually any hatred towards the others who might or might not be slanderous, hilariously offensive, and expressions of bias or lewd blatant profanity which involves violence, and harassing, bullying and otherwise objectionable material;
  4. services which lead in spamming or some pyramid schemes or gaming in Turbobit;
  5. articles that promote teachings to encourage illegal or dangerous activities against any governments, companies or police bureaus;
  6. articles which introduces any viruses that are harmful, code or Trojan Horses;
  7. content which will violate any copyrights, trade marks, or patents over the Turbobit site or some 3rd party without explicit written approval of the only real owner;
  8. porn with critters;
  9. criminal crimes.

In addition, we reserve the right to obstruct some reports at which we find some material breaking up the rules and conditions of our services.

Our Decision

In general, it’s quite simple and easy to upload and downloading files from the provider Turbobit. With the free option it’s possible to examine the assistance and apply the most rate along with different functions, such as the own download manager, together with the Zoom option. Updating to Turbobit Premium is not difficult to discover and unbelievably fast. Users can maximize the use of the As a result of fantastic user-friendliness, the potent ceremony and also the exact attractive earning chances, the filehoster Turbobit or Turbobit Premium is at any instance advocated.

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